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 Fri Nov 24, 2000 

Hello !
Last few days there is hot discussion among the our friends that whether the Santhali language should be official language of Jharkhand. Few days back there was meeting in the Santhal Pargana demanding the Santhali language be the official language. I would like to know the opinion of others.
My opinion:
I feel the Santhali should be the official language. As the recent census says the in Jharkhand Santhali population is around 34%. In every right Santhal claim so. Since struggle of Jharkhand is with the cultural identity of Jharkhandies. It will be destroyed if tribal language is not included as official language. In terms the contribution for Jharkhand struggle, Santhali's are more. Hence claim are highly justified.



Fri Nov 24, 2000  5:35 pm

Yes, I do support the opinion. Santhali should be made official language of Jharkhand respecting the sentiments of large portion of its population.

Thanks & Regards,


I also support that but what about the script? Here in Bengal most of us write in Bengali and "Alchiki" is still needs time to  propagate!
What do you suggest about that?

dr murmu

Fri Nov 24, 2000 

Absolutely Yes! that Santhali should be the one official language.
with regards

Fri Nov 24, 2000 

As far as script is concerned, it should be strictly 'OLCHIKI', otherwise it is of no use continuing with only spoken 'SANTHALI'. Spreading 'OLCHIKI' should be geared up as it has already been accepted as a language in PG level in RANCHI University(if I am not wrong). Anyway, I am still not clear about the implementation of this programme as I have never been in touch with any organisation promoting OLCHIKI.


Sun Nov 26, 2000 

The discussion was on official language of Jharkhand. I also support that Santhali should be the official language of this state. Because

Sun Nov 26, 2000 
The discussion was on official language of Jharkhand. I also support that Santhali should be the official language of this state. Because 
1. In this state, the population of santal is around 34% of total population. Apart from this the other major types of adivasies are Mundari: 15%, Oraon:17%, Ho: 10% (This calculation is made by me from the data of 1981 census). Thus the majority of people in these area are adivasies. The languages of these 4/5 types of adivasies are similar. Most of the other adivsies can talk and understand santal language. Thus the vote for santal language is more than 70%.

2. The prime aim of building a separate state of Jharkhand is to improve the living standard of people in this region. Here by living standard, I mean education, official activities, business, culture etc. that affect their lives. For all these, language is the biggest carrier to lead towards goal. One becomes unimportant in public life, when he can't express his feeling properly, which ultimately affects the overall performance in life. So if the government wants to uplift the lower trodden people in its state, then it should follow the language of these oppressed people i.e. Santhali.

3. Apart from this, the Santhali language should be included in the 8th schedule of constitution. In india, the total population of Santhals is around 6 million (5.8..million according latest census). Although sindhi and kashmiri spoken people are less in number than us, so far santal language is not included.There are also many adivasi languages in india, which resembles in semantics with that of santali. Thus it is a languge of major
portion of people in india. Hence it should be included.
Since few days, many rasta roko andolans are carrying out in diff parts of india on the demand of it. Mayubhanj, Orissa MP Salkhan Murmu and other leaders have met prime minister and demanded to fulfil their demand of inclusion of Santhali language in the 8th schedule of constitution.

4. Yaa, this language will make troubles for the high castes' people. And they are not willing to accept this demand. But for the shake of majority, it should be adopted. As the language must be the two way understandable comunicative media, hence it's not mandatory for them to use it. And it's upto those indivisuals whether they want to learn or not to make their roseeroti.

I think, above causes suffice the necessity of demanding
Santhali language to be official language of Jharkhand.


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