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Ol Chiki
Here is  Ol Chiki fonts.  This can be used in Microsoft Word  for writing Santhali language in  Ol Chiki Script. Just down load the zip file and unzip is in some directory. You will find that it contains  ol Chiki.ttf ( true type  font file needed for writing) download the file and save it in any folder or directory, It contains


1. Next , Go to Windows Start
2. Go to Control Pannel
3. Click the icon Fonts
Drag and drop it from folder or Cut and paste Ol Chiki.ttf file.  Please note here, if you already installed the older version of the same font in your PC, please remove it before installing this. Then start word document and  select font type in word as Ol Chiki. After that you can type Ol Chiki script as per key board mapping.

Advanced feature or optional feature:
You need to do following thing to facilitate other to see the document without installing the Fonts.

When saving document in Word, please  follow this procedure.

  • Go to File
  • Then go to Save As
  • When Save As window opens, please click option Then there is option save as true type embedded.
  • Click that and save it with suitable file name.

If you find that your document is not showing clearly , you need to do following thing to get better visibility in PC monitor.

To have antialiasing effect : you need to do some change in option:


  • Go to Windwos start-
  • Control panel
  • Display properties
  • Then Click Plus
  • There is option in True type ( AA letter will be there)
  • Then restart the computer.
  • Then you can see nice fonts in word or any document.

Disclaimer: This site is Neither  affiliated with any company, nor company mentioned on this page have endorsed the information in any way. The information contained on this page is simply the opinion of this site's author and the author will not be held liable for consequences us using these instructions. It is best to read the manual provided  by the company which makes the product.

Down Load Ol Chiki Font:

This includes Ol Chiki Font, Key board mapping and installation instruction in document file. Total File size 430 Kb.

click here to download file

If you have problem for downloading the  file in above, then click  file below  to down load  Ol Chiki Font, Key board mapping and installation instruction in text file. Total File size 14 Kb.

click here if you have problem

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