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a portal for Santals


We, the members of this group always discuss the various issues related to Santals culture, society, literature & its problem  from time to time. It has  generated  great deal of awareness among our educated mass in issue which affects most to our society and people by providing  information and some time  we tried  to find out some kind of solution which was in our reach. Here is brief list of our discussion.  

I would like to share some of my feelings after watching a debate on Dalits on television. I don't know how many of us had watched that particular show on Star Plus `we the people', hosted by a renowned journalist Barkha Dutt ....[ More ...]

.......... and expressing your concern on the issue of Santal identity. Conversion has been the thorny issue and continue to be so in the years to come. Here I don't want to condemn or support something outrightly which has different meaning to different people. I'm expressing my views here so as to facilitate healthy discussion on this. Itis wrong to say Christian or non-Christian Santals as Santals are an entity with specific nomenclature with a history dates back to the birth of Jesus Christ.A person can either be a Christian or a Santal and not a combination of both. .......................
Should Santhali be official language of Jharkhand ? This one of the most discussed topics. This discussion had started after the Jharkhand state created.

Some of important article provided by our user:.

 .....It is good that we all have emotions and sentimentstowards SARNAISM, OL CHIKI, SANTAL LANGUAGE etc.But the same time we should understand reality.I have one example, which  happened with me.In the rourkela conference and SEA get-together,  we tried to share our views through opinion poll.Brain and Labour behind the quetionaire is Sanatan Marndi.But i had the privilege for being at delhi, to became the first person to see  questions.There is question ---- What is our religion as per law of land? Within a second, I answered SARNAISM without thinking anything.But it's wrong.As per the law of land it is hinduism.I did mistake because of my emotion for SARNAISM.Here i  want to differentiate situation due to emotion and other is REALITY......[  More ......]

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