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Ol Chiki Fonts

Ol Chiki fonts (printed or hand writing) for writing Ol Chiki text using any word processing software like MS Word or Open Office or any other word processing software. All Ol Chiki true type fonts that are available here are free font for all-purpose. These can be used freely for commercial or personal purpose with out paying any loyalty. Why are you waiting? Please down load and start writing Ol Chiki text.

Here is  Ol Chiki font.  This can be used in Microsoft Word or Open office org or any word processing software for writing Santhali language in  Ol Chiki. Just down load the zip file and unzip it in some directory. You will find that it contains  five ( true type  font file needed for writing) save it in any folder or directory, It contains


1. Next , Go to Windows Start
2. Go to Control Pannel
3. Click the icon Fonts
Drag and drop it from folder or Cut and paste all three  .ttf file.  Please note here, if you already installed the older version of the same font in your PC, please remove it before installing this. Then start word document and  select font type in word as Ol Chiki. After that you can type Ol  script as per key board mapping.

If you have installation problem, then click this help html file to down load

click here to download file

Advanced feature or optional feature:
You need to do following thing to facilitate other to see the document without installing the Fonts.

When saving document in Word, please  follow this procedure.

  • Go to File
  • Then go to Save As
  • When Save As window opens, please click option Then there is option save as true type embedded.
  • Click that and save it with suitable file name.

If you find that your document is not showing clearly , you need to do following thing to get better visibility in PC monitor.

To have antialiasing effect : you need to do some change in option:


  • Go to Windwos start-
  • Control panel
  • Display properties
  • Then Click Plus
  • There is option in True type ( AA letter will be there)
  • Then restart the computer.
  • Then you can see nice fonts in word or any document.

Word Tutorials


Here we would like to sincerely thanks to many members who helped to bring out this Fonts one way or other. Our sincere thanks to Prof. R. C. Hansdah for his initiation of Ol Chiki Fonts development in this group and his major contribution of standardisation of Key board mapping.  We would like to thanks Mr. Salku Majhi, Mr. Indra Govid Soren, Mr. Sudarsan Hembram, Mr. Sanatan Hansda for their active participation and suggestion during the development of Fonts. Special thanks to Prof. Digamber Hansdah and Mr. Ramdas Tudu for helping to correct the glyphs of Ol Chiki Fonts and heartfelt thanks to Mr. Fudan Majhi for his effort of making available to common users.

Down Load Ol Chiki Font:
Here we have five  types of Ol Chiki fonts.  Any one can use it free. This is given as it is without any warranty( approx. 370Kb file size). This includes five style true type fonts(.ttf) and key board mapping & other associated information.

Click here to download Ol Chiki fonts

v1.01 updated 30th June 2003
v1.02 updated 8th March 2005

Down Load Ol Chiki Usara Font:
This is Olchiki usara fonts. File size 14 Kb.  The new design of olchiki usara fonts will come up in four or five months. Please keep track for it. The key board mapping is same only changes obviously is  AG +AHAD,  AAJ+AHAD,  UD+AHAD,  IH+AHAD,  OB+AHAD are assigned to 1,2,3,4,5 respectively.

click here to download file

Updated 30th June, 2003

Down Load Ol Chiki Font:
Here we have another two types Fonts by two of our member. Any one can use it free. This is given as it is without any warranty( approx. 59 Kb file size). This includes one times style and another regular  style two true type fonts(.ttf) and the smae key board mapping is also applied here.
Click below to download the Fonts

Times type Ol Chiki Font


Updated 10th Aug, 2002

If you find any bugs or if you
have any suggestion for
improvement of this fonts, 
please report this directly here 

Check Ol Chiki Alphabets

Here is Key board mapping given in the Ol Chiki Fonts. Please click the link for getting details.

If you do not have already installed in your PC WinZip, then down load the trial version of WinZip from this site.

Free word processing software

Open Office .org 1.0 is very good free office suite. It is worth installing in the system ( click here to download )

Copyrights © 2002-05, N. C. Murmu & R. C. Hansdah, All rights reserved. The set of five different types of fonts for Ol  Chiki  included in this package are freeware , and may be used for any purpose without any warranty. They may be distributed freely provided this copyright notice accompanies them. The author owns exclusive  rights to modify these fonts, and produce future versions of them.  None of these fonts nor any modification of them may be sold or included in any commercial product.
wesantals.ttf : copyrights© 2002, R. N. Marndi, All rights reserved. santalfont.ttf: copyrights© 2002, P.C.Hembram, All rights reserved.
Disclaimer: This site is Neither  affiliated with any company, nor company mentioned on this page have endorsed the information in any way. The information contained on this page is simply the opinion of this site's author and the author will not be held liable for consequences us using these instructions. It is best to read the manual provided  by the company which makes the product.

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