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a portal for Santals
Disom Khobor


A Santali News Paper
Disom Khobor,  a Santali news paper written in Ol Chiki script is published fortnightly from Rourkela. This news paper mainly focuses on the news relevant to Santals for solving their social and other problems facing them. It  comes in two editions, one in regular edition and another one, i.e. this one, in online edition. The objective of the online edition is to bring out many local and national news in Santali language in its own script, Ol Chiki.

 It is rightly said that Information Is  Power. Thanks to INTERNET which made it possible to deliver information  easily at the people's door step. Disom Khobor is one such endeavour to deliver information at the doorstep of ordinary people. It is an  effort to bring the news  about events happening within and around the Santal society and the affairs of our country in a lucid and comprehensible manner to the Santal people. Obviously, the language chosen is Santali and script is Ol Chiki. It is our earnest effort to bring the mass of Santal people into mainstream and make them aware of the happenings in the outside world. We would like to sincerely thank Mr. Fudan Majhi for playing an important role in bringing out this News Paper.

Viewing documents without installing Ol Chiki fonts ? if anyone  would like to create documents containing Ol Chiki text, which can be viewed without installing Ol Chiki fonts, please follow the instruction under advanced features in Ol Chiki Font  section.

What is to be done if Ol Chiki texts do not come ! This news paper is hosted by means of web font, and hence,  there is no need to download the Ol Chiki fonts to view Disom Khobor. However, if any problem is encountered while viewing Disom Khobor, it is recommended to download the Ol Chiki optimum font and install it in the font directory.

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For any comments & suggestions, please contact
Mrs. Dikumoni Soren
Editor, Disom Khobor
HIG-B/7, Phase-III, Kalinga Vihar,Chhend

Rourkela - 769015, Orissa, India

Phone: +919861289835

Notice:  Title approved by RNI vide letter no. ORISAI00008/18/1/2008-TC dated 26-11-2008. No part of the materials in Disom Khobor can be copied or reproduced without the written permission from the publishers.

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