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"Santal poetry is Santal life;
Santal life is Santal poetry"
         [Archer, 1974: 346]
Observes Archer (1974), who made an extensive use of the Santal sung-poetry to understand the life and culture of the Santals.

The following are the brief profiles of some of the outstanding Santal writers, poets and storytellers. As Songs and dances are part and parcel of Santal life, naturally, Santals inherited the poetry writing skills as the way they learn to speak and walk. This has led to nurturing of plenty of poets among the Santals. Unfortunately, majority of them remained unknown to the outside world owing to non-publication of their work. It is our effort to make them known to the outside world and throw some light on their outstanding works.  

Majhi Ramdas Tudu Rouska:

He hails from Karuakata village near Ghatsila in the Singhbhum East district of Jharkhand. He started his writing early in his life. In 1894, he was able to publish the traditional religion of Santals in the book of  Kherwal Bansha Dharam Puthi. He had been honoured by the Calcutta University by conferring him with the D. Litt. title for his contribution to Santali culture and literature. In 1951, the edited version of this book was published in Bengali srcript with the introductory note of Dr. Sunithi Kr. Chatterjee, a great linguist and scholar. In this publication, the author has also incorporated his own drawing and sketches of the image of different deities.


Sadhu Ram Chand Murmu:

He was born in a traditional Santal village, named Kamarbandi, in the district of Midnapur, West Bengal. He devoted his full life for enriching the Santali literature in all spheres. In Santali literature, he is called MahaKabi, the great poet. When he started his writings, the surroundings were not conducive for creative literature, yet his determined efforts for the cause of Santali literature could ultimately make headway in enriching the Santali literature.


He was the poet of his own class and in many sense, his poems were written in special style, which are highly popular in the Santal dominated areas in Jharkhand, Orissa, West Bengal and Assam. The main theme of his poem was social reforms and he composed many poems by articulating the views of Social and cultural values and ethos. As he realized that literature and culture are the backbone of a community, therefore, enriching them was his high priority. So, he devoted his full life for Santali literature. Apart from the works on poetry, he wrote plays and essays. His poetry gave  special dimension and altogether new style in Santali poetry writings.


In his life time, none of his works were published. It is long after his death, Santal organization came forward and made efforts to publish his works. Some of his notable publication are Sari Dhorom Sereng Puthi ( Part I & II), Lita Goddet (Traditonal narration), Ol Daha Anrhe (poems)  and Ishror.


Sarada Prasad Kisku:

He is an eminent poet in Santali. He is from Purulia district of West Bengal. Since his school days, he devoted his life for writing in Santali. His collection of poems, Bhurka Ipil, is highly popular. As a profession, he was a school teacher and he had been awarded numerous award for his works in poetry.


Shyam Sunder Hembrom:
He hails from Orissa and wrote many books. The notable among them are Chattarpati Kisku Rapaj (play) published in 1948 and Kherwal Akil Bati (Collection of songs) published in 1950. Many of his writings were in manuscript stage. In 1990, All India Santali Writers Association, honoured him for his contribution to Santali language and literature. 


Thakur Prasad Murmu:

He hails from Jharkhand. He published his first book on poems in 1947. It is learnt that by selling his books he managed to get into the college. He was a regular contributor to Hor Sambad  on various topics, poems and short stories. Notable among his publication is Santal Hul.


Gomasta Prasad Soren:

He is from Purulia district of West Bengal.  He is basically a poet.  However, his works did not confine to poetry only. He had also written many articles on Social reforms. His first publication is Akhara Thau published in 1965. His other notable works are Kahis Aarang (pathetic voice),  Nonkan geyabon hor (We Santals are like this) and Nonkan getabon Samaj (Our society is like this).


Rabilal Majhi:

Rabilal Majhi is from West Bengal. He is also basically a poet, however, he did write many short stories, plays and essays. His articles mostly focus on exploitation and oppression. For his contribution to Santali language and literature, he has been honoured with Tetre award in 1991. His book of poems Anga Aarang was published in 1971.


Babulal Murmu Adibasi:

He is a resident of Dumka, Jharkhand. He is one of a few well known Santali writers of present times. His collection of poems Koyo Harre was published in 1974. He also wrote critical writings in Santali.


Bhagan Murmu:

He is from Orissa and is particularly known for his works on songs. His notable works are Sari Sarna Sibil Sereng published in 1963 and Mane Achurena (change of mind) published in 1979.


Many more profiles of Santali writers, poets and novelist will be added soon.

Books in English related to Santali:
This is a partial list of books related to Santali language, culture
and religion, and the script of Santali language, Ol Chiki. This list includes  books written in English only and compiled by N. C. Murmu with inputs from  Indra Govinda Soren. Please Click here  to go.

Santali Books in Ol Chiki Scripts:
This is a partial list of Santali books in Ol Chiki script, and it includes novels, poetry, short stories, history, Santali primers, and many more Santali Books. This list is compiled by R. C. Hansdah. Please c
lick here for the list.

Publishers of Santali Books in Ol Chiki Scripts:
To bridge the gap that exist between readers of Santali books and publishers/writers of Santali books, it is our earnest endeavor to list out all the big and small publishers, individual writers so that our readers can directly contact them via postal mail or E-mail to get the required books or magazines. Please click here to go.

Santali Books in Ol Chiki Scripts: This is another partial list of Santali Literature compiled by Salkhu Majhi from his private collection. This list also gives the address of publishers of books and other information. Please Click here for the list.

NEW! Here is another partial list of Santali Literature compiled by D. C. Soren. This list also gives the address of publishers and price information of books and also other information. Please Click here to go.

List of Santali magazines and
newspapers currenly being
(updated March 01, 2009)
The Sandhayni
(A Monthly Santali Magazine in Ol Chiki Script)
Per copy:- Rs. 8/-, Annual:- Rs. 100/-
Life:- Rs. 1000/-(your photo  would be
published in the magazine)
RNI No.: ORI-SAI-2004/15880
Postal Regd. No.: OR/BN-DN-127/08-10
Editor: Shri Narendra Hembram

Contact Address:
Editor, The Sandhayni
Plot No.-374, House No.-1465,
Sarnapally, Jaydev Vihar, P.O. - RRL,
Bhubaneswar, Dist. - Khurda
Pin - 751013, Orissa, India

Phone: +919437090633
E-mail: editorsandhayni@yahoo.co.in

Chando Mamo
(A Monthly Santali Magazine in Ol Chiki Script)
Per copy:- Rs. 20/-, 1 year:- Rs. 240/-
2 years:- Rs. 430/-, 3 years:- Rs. 610/-
4 years:- Rs. 770/-, 5 years:- Rs. 900/-
Annual subscription overseas: US $30
RNI No.: TNSAI/2004/13987
Editor: L. Subramanian

Contact Address:
Chandamama India Limited,
New 2/513(Old 3/396),
Sundeep Avenue East,
2nd Main Road, Chinna Neelankarai,
Chennai - 600041,
Tamil Nadu, India

Phone: 044-43992828, 044-43992829
E-mail: subscription@chandamama.com 
Disom Khobor
A Fortnightly Newspaper in Santali  in Ol Chiki Script)

Per copy:- Rs. 2/-, Annual:- Rs. 48/-
(Postage Extra)
Title approved by RNI vide letter no.
ORISAI00008/18/1/2008-TC dated 26-11-2008.
Editor: Mrs. Dikumuni Soren
Contact Address:
Editor, Disom Khobor
HIG-B/7, Phase-III, Kalinga Vihar,Chhend
Rourkela - 769015, Orissa, India
Phone: +919861289835
As losses are expected due to poor
marketing infrastructure, well wishers
of Disom Khobor are requested to
donate generously for meeting the
publication expense of Disom Khobor.
Donations may be sent by Cheque/DD
drawn in favour of Disom Khobor,
A/C No. 0796050105699,
United Bank of India, Jhirpani Branch,
Branch Code - JPN 497,
Payable at Rourkela, India.
(Core banking is supported.)

A Monthly Newspaper in Santali in Ol Chiki Script)
Per copy:- Rs. 3/-, Annual:- Rs. 35/-
(Postage Extra)
Title approved by RNI vide letter no.
Editor: Shyam Charan Tudu
Contact Address:
Editor, Setah
Oxford Education Point
At & PO - Karandih, Via - Tatanagar
Jamshedpur - 831002, Jharkhand, India
Phone: +919430184282,
Fax: 0657-2297238
A Bi-monthly Magazine in Santali in Ol Chiki Script)
Per copy:- Rs. 5/-, Annual:- Rs. 30/-
(Postage Extra)
Title approved by RNI vide letter no.
Editor: Shyam Charan Tudu
Contact Address:
Editor, Paanja
Oxford Education Point,
At & PO - Karandih, Via - Tatanagar,
Jamshedpur - 831002, Jharkhand, India
Phone: +919430184282,
Fax: 0657-2297238
A Bi-monthly Magazine in Santali in Ol Chiki Script)
Per copy:- Rs. 5/-, Annual:- Rs. 30/-
(Postage Extra)
RNI Title Approved No. -
WBSAN00046/25/1/2002/TC/536 dated 24-02-2003
Editor: Lakshman Chandra Saren
Contact Address:
Editor, Tapal
At - Bainchigram(Baganpara),
PO - Bainchigram, Dist. - Hooghly,
West Bengal, Pin - 712153,
Phone: +919933092665

The Santali language and literature has already been recognised by the Central Govt. and the State Govt. of Bihar, Jharkhand, West Bengal and Orisaa in the ways mentioned below:
(i) Bihar Secondary School Examination Board, Patna and Jharkhand Secondary School Examination Board, Ranchi have accepted Santali language/literature as optional paper at the matriculation level.
(ii) The  Govt. of Bihar was the first  to publish a newspaper, named "Hor Sambad" , in 1947 which was later continued by the Govt. of Jharkhand. The Govt. of West Bengal has been publishing a Santali magazine "Puchhim Bangla" regularly  and recognised Ol chiki script for Santali in 1979.
(iii) The Govt. of Jharkhand, Bihar, West Bengal and Orissa have already initiated action plans for imparting education in mother tongue for the Santal students in primary schools.
(iv) The University Grants Commission, New Delhi has started imparting education and conferring Post-Graduate Degree in Santali language and literature.
(v) The Bihar and Jharkhand Public Service Commission offers Santali language/literature as optional paper for its competitive Examinations.
(vi) The Govt. of Bihar and Jharkhand have been conducting Santali Examination for its officers posted in Santali speaking areas in Bihar and Jharkhand respectively for administrative purposes.
(vii) The reowned Vishwa Bharti University, viz., Shantiniketan has been imparting education in Santali language for the last 24 years or so.
(viii) The Universities of Jharkhand and Bihar, namely Ranchi University, Ranchi, Vinoba Bhave University, Hazaribagh, Sidu Kanhu University Dumka, and Baba Tilka Majhi University, Bhagalpur are conducting examinations of Santali language/literature at the Post-Graduate level.
(ix) Santali literature has been written in Roman, Devanagri, Bengali, Oriya and its own script Ol Chiki  in large number. Ol Chiki is now gaining popularity day and night. Its DTP solution and computer application has been developed by the Chaichampa Sahitya Academy, Bhubneshwar in 1996.  Under Santali-Japanese joint Research Project, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies  developed auto-machine transcription of different Indian language scripts, i.e., Devanagri, Bengali, Oriya, Roman, Kannada, Telgu, Tamil, Urdu, Malayalam, Roman etc. into Ol Chiki script and its reverse in 1998.  
(x) Recently, it is the West Bengal Government which started Santali language as the First language for Santal students studying in  Class IX and X under West Bengal Secondary School Education Board.

This is  an
extensive list of books related to Santals and Santali language maintained by Department of Linguitics, University of Osanabrueck, Germany. Please click here to go.

This is another list of research papers and books on Santals and Santali language maintained by Department of Linguistics, University of Hawaii. Please Click here to go.

Santali online Dictionary
This online Santali Dictionary has been created by Prof. Minegishi Makoto, based on Santal Dictionary by P.O. Bodding. Please Click here to go.

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