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Dictionary & Grammar

"What the exchequer is to a king, a Lexicon is to the Scholar."


The Santali language has been is in use over thousands of years mainly in oral communication, but still it retains its original form. Even now it is more and less uniform across all regions. Now in order to broaden its utility, it has become necessary to document the various aspects of Santali language in a form which is simple and easily comprehensible to all Santals. The  full power of Santali language  can be utilized only when the meanings of all its words corresponding to different parts of speech are fully compiled. It is also essential to characterize the forms, structures, syntax, and semantics of sentences in Santali language. A humble effort has been by the authors to initiate the compilation of the same,  which is ultimately aimed at bringing out full-fledged Santali-English and English-Santali dictionaries and grammar for Santali in both English and Santali in Ol Chiki. To improve the quality, and informative materials in the dictionaries and technical report, critical comments and suggestions are highly welcome. The technical report is also intended to help the writing of various kinds of documents in Santali such as articles in magazines, technical and literary books etc which are syntactically precise, and semantically easier to comprehend.

The pdf file of Technical Report on Santali Grammar titled "A Framework for Learning and Understanding Santali in Ol Chiki Script"

Click here to download technical report on Santali grammar

The pdf files of "A Concise English-Santali Dictionary" and "A Concise Santali-English Dictionary"

click here to download English-Santali Dictionary file

click here to download Santali-English Dictionary file

Note: The technical report and the dictionaries will be updated from time to time.
Last updated: 8th March, 2005.


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