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Recents Events:

Adivasi Sahitya COnference(3rd -4th August, 2002)
A conference on Adivasi Literature was  held on 3rd  & 4th August in City Centre in Durgapur, West Bengal. This conference was sponsored  by backward class department , West Bengal Govt. The main objective of this conference was to devise proper direction of Adivasi Literatures and writings and encourage the interaction among  Poets, writers, academicians. The discussion was mainly focussed on the development and propagation of poem, essay, writings, short stories in the light of current problems and hindrance. This conference has ended up with adopting  22 odd resolutions. Honourable Minister, Shri Upen Kisku of backward class department, Govt. Of West Bengal, was present from beginning to end and listened the problems and difficulties of present writers. Later he said in his address, a literature can not flourish without active help of state administration, and he also added that Adivasi need not to wait for assistance to come, instead Adivasi should know their rights and ask whenever they deem so. Meanwhile, editors of various Santali magazines discussed the problems and its solutions in separate meeting. The conference ended with cultural events and  recreations.

Baha parab at Jamshedpur :This festival was celebrated with much funfair on 24th at this place. Chief Minister(CM) was the Chief Guest at both the places i.e at Karandi & Kadma. It got wide publicity in the mass media because of presence of CM. CM was accompanied by his cabinet colleagues Shri Arjun Munda & Ms.Joba Majhi and MLA Shri A.C.Tudu along with other dignitaries. All the guests spoke eloquently in Santhali to the discomfort of media people and these media people were advised to learn the language quickly as already 16 months have passed after creation of Jharkhand. Baha Enehj was given prominent place in the festival. The enehj was presented in such a spectacular way that whole gathering got spell bound with it's rhythm. Another thing which is being observed here is that Baha Enehj is slowly forming a part of Holi festival of other community. The different troupes  are being invited to present the dance.( Posted by Brundaban Soren)

 All India  ASECA's Conference on "Status, Development, Trend   and Future of Santals" held on 10th & 11th Feb  at Rourkela.

To all Santal Engineers,

Land has been identified and the landlord is willing to sell six bighas of land to us or to the extent of our requirement. So far, several round of discuusion has taken place. The landlord has expressed price to be Rs.49000/- per Katha. We have expressed our offer as Rs.30,000/-. Negotiation is still on and next date has been fixed as 9th of June. If any of the willing members are interested to participate in the negotiation, please contact. We have received some filled in application form for membership. I request interested members to rush their membership forms urgently, so that the formalities are completed.Thanks.

Brundaban SorenJamshedpur

Jharkhand Govt. re-christens Dumka based - University. (Ranchi Express,15th, Feb, 2002)
Ranchi : A decade after its birth the Dumka-based Sidhu Kanhu University has  been re-christened as "Siddo-Kanhu Murmu University." The Marandi Govt. has decided to correct the spelling on the bais of British record and add the surname to preserve the identity and rich cultural heritage of the Santhals. Siddo Murmu and Kanhu Murmu were brothers who took part in the freedom struggle of 1857 and died fighting for the country's independence. Chief Minister Babu Lal   Marandi recently passed an order for rechristening the name of the University.( posted by Dr. C. Marndi )

 SEA ( Santal  Engineers  Association) meeting. As it was informed to all, it was held on 24th Dec. Before that on 23rd Dec,  a discussion was kept. We had got as Chief Guest to  Mr Nitya Nanda Hembram,  Ex-Chief Architecture  Indian Navy, and now advisor of many councils like  ST/SC council of Jharkhand and  many times he  represents ST/SC on different  forums. Also we had Dr R.C.  Hansda, p rof at I.I.Sc. ,  Bangalore as Chief   Speaker of the meeting. About 15 other speakers had shared their feelings. The  next day, we had  BIRSOLE, which had special items like SOLE and Santali dance. At the end, an santali   orchestra was organised to entertain at evening. The number of participants was more than 50  families and it was the best organised so far. ( As posted by Rajnarayan)

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